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In Loving Memory 

Ken Westeren
October 31, 1959 - March 23, 2013

Rusty's beloved husband, son, father, brother, uncle,  friend, and dog trainer extraordinaire.

Greatly missed by all who knew him, Ken was a wonderful man who had a tremendous gift for communicating with and training animals.  He was the driving force behind Bark Avenue Westeren and Dog Training the Westeren Way.

He left this life too soon.  Rest now in peace my love.

Nesta the Fearless
April 2012 - September 2013

Sadly Nesta suffered from a neurological disorder and was humanely put to sleep. 

We share many fond memories of this playful pup and will miss her tremendously! We are happy in knowing that Ken was waiting for Nesta at the Rainbow Bridge. They are at peace together.

Caboose the Mighty
2010 - December 2013

We lost Caboose in an unfortunate accident and his family, both human and canine, miss him greatly.  We loved working with this little pug family.

Ken would be so sad that he passed, but happy to greet him at Rainbow Bridge.

Maxine the Courageous
June 2004 - March 24, 2014

I'm deeply saddened to share that despite the best efforts of both Eastern and Western medicine, Maxine was unable to overcome her illness and was humanely euthanized. She was a fighter until she could fight no more.

Max was a tremendous help to her human and is greatly missed by her family and all who knew her. I had the honor of working with her and was amazed at her intelligence and devotion. Rest now sweet are once again well. Another wonderful pup Ken was able to meet at Rainbow Bridge.

Haggius the Comforter
2001 - June 2014

Haggius was a constant, loving companion to his mama Grace as she battled terminal cancer. 

This adorable little guy brought her so much comfort and joy as her life was ending.  I'm happy they are together again in Heaven.  Rest now sweet angels.

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