Bark Avenue Westeren Dog Training - Dog training that will take
Private Training Sessions
From basic obedience to more specialized training and behavior modification, we have options custom tailored to meet your dog's needs. Our training is based on mutual trust and respect using dog psychology.
At your home, our sessions will get you and your dog on the right track behaviorally, thus allowing you to have a harmonious relationship with your canine companion.

We will focus on the leadership role you have with your pooch and how to speak and act in the ways your dog will understand.
Bark Avenue Westeren Dog Training believes that you, as the pet parent, play the pivotal role in your dog's balance and well-being. As such you will be expected to have a hands-on, active part in this wonderful bonding process.
Our training sessions come with a free consultation at your home to determine what course of action is best suited for your dog's needs.  Each of our training sessions last for approximately 1 to 1½ hours.

Including but not limited to the following:
  • - proper greeting of other dogs and humans
  • - leash training / heel
  • - come, sit, stay, down, off
  • - acceptable manners
  • - respect of space
  • - interpreting body language
  • - pack mentality 
$45 per session + travel charge**

Addressing unwanted behaviors such as:

  • poor manners
  • bolting
  • barking issues
  • jumping up
  • ignoring commands
  • leash pulling
  • poor greeting habits
  • etc.
     $45 per session + travel charge**

** Travel Charge is defined as follows:
$10     15-24 miles from our home base
$15     25-34 miles from our home base
$20     35-44 miles from our home base
$25     45-54 miles from our home base
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